New Markets Advisors helps companies to create new sources of growth in rapidly changing environments.  

New Markets' staff includes top strategy consultants, highly experienced market researchers, and entrepreneurs.  We integrate their perspectives in ways that traditional consulting firms, operating in distinct silos, are not equipped to do.  We ground our approaches in rigorous methods based on leading academic and field research, and we publish findings in outlets such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and The Financial Times.  Through our disciplined approach to a traditionally undisciplined field, New Markets creates predictability in project outcomes and sustained business success for our clients.  Leadership of the company worked closely with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen – rated by Thinkers 50 as the world’s top management thinker – to build consulting practices based on his research, branching out to form New Markets in 2009.  A book by our Managing Director was named one of the five Best Business Books of 2011.  We work with a wide range of firms – venture-backed start-ups, aggressive mid-market firms, and global leaders including Nestle, Siemens, Boston Scientific, and many others.

New Markets' business model reverses the approach of many consulting firms.  Our senior people are deeply involved in all aspects of client engagements.  We believe that many companies do not need large consulting caseteams full of junior analysts to address their challenges.  Instead, they benefit from having seasoned advisors recognize patterns, leverage experiences, ask the right questions, and focus people on the really critical issues.  Our leaders are substantially more involved in the key details of client work than is the norm among traditional consultants, and by stripping away the overheads associated with large caseteams we can often charge considerably less for our services than rival firms. 

While we are based in the Boston area, we work globally through offices in the UK and South Africa.  We work across all industries, and we have special expertise in five focal areas:  consumer products, energy, financial services, healthcare, and technology/telecom.  We embrace a range of operating models to suit client circumstances, from extensive involvement in programs to light-touch counsel.  

Our leadership is highly qualified as entrepreneurs, corporate venturers, and strategists on how to tap new sources of growth and develop organizational innovation capabilities:

Stephen Wunker, Managing Director and United States office

Darren Coleman, United Kingdom office

Pramod Mohanlal, South Africa office

Many of our engagements are supported by specialists such as former brand managers, medical doctors, engineers, online marketing directors, and others.  Our unique consulting model provides clients with a more senior mix of staff than many traditional firms.  We also draw upon the critical support of an exceptional team of Associates.

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