Developing new strategies for a changing healthcare landscape

Health reform has accelerated strategic shifts across the U.S. healthcare industry.  Historic business models are being upended by factors such as competitor consolidation, global payments, accountable care, and a move from isolated therapies to disease state solutions.  Companies must re-think traditional approaches to win in the new landscape. 

Equally, companies historically focused on the U.S. may find fertile ground overseas.  Competencies developed in the world's richest healthcare market have real potential in rapidly-developing countries.  Of course, companies have to adjust their approaches in new environments, but many have cause for optimism about where expansion overseas could lead.

To win on this shifting ground, companies need to look objectively at where profits will lie in coming years.  If companies can address the coming “pain points” in medicine, they will do very well.  For instance, healthcare companies tend to be Balkanized by product class – drug makers, device manufacturers, IT integrators, and so on – while their customers are seeking over-arching solutions to address increasingly complex care pathways, pay-for-performance incentives, and patient self-management.

Extensive experience and fresh perspectives

New Markets has extensive experience in healthcare and sees an urgent need for companies in this industry to think freshly about their strategies.  Moreover, companies will need to approach commercialization in a more nimble fashion than usual, given how quickly change is happening.

Our project teams excel at helping companies expand into adjacencies, design forward-thinking strategies and portfolio plans, and evaluate the potential of new offerings or business models.  We also help adapt proven innovation processes for the unique challenges and constraints of the healthcare industry.  We have experience working with a wide range of healthcare clients, including pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health IT companies, payors, and life sciences start-ups.

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