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"Steve Wunker is exceptional at generating insights that are both creative and that are based on rigorous analysis. He dug into our business to understand its details and led us to see hidden opportunities."

Govind Narayan,
Genworth Financial Home
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"Based on experience with Steve Wunker in two different companies in very different segments of the healthcare industry, I have been consistently impressed by both the strategic discipline and breakthrough perspective that Steve provides that is essential to building new innovations and growth platforms. Equally important, Steve plays a leadership role with his clients in moving from plan to action as rapidly as possible in order to get real-world learnings on key projects."

Colin Watts,
Chief Innovation Officer,

Our Rigorous Method for Fueling Innovation

We have worked across innumerable industries, such as software, retail, industrial materials, and even paint. Our approaches apply broadly. What is most critical is the circumstance, not the industry – we are expert in rigorous methods that bring discipline to strategy setting, opportunity creation, and business commercialization in situations where environments are rapidly changing or new markets are scantly understood.

We believe in balancing between the in-depth analysis of traditional consulting and the rapid-fire strategy iteration performed by many entrepreneurs. An established company pursuing a new venture should have many advantages over entrepreneurs: it can have a more thorough understanding of the marketplace, a greater ability to experiment with different approaches, and the resources to scale up winning propositions fast. The key is to follow an approach that assures the firm also possesses an entrepreneur’s advantages of quick and flexible response as well as a blank-slate approach to business creation. We find that the path to success lies in leveraging these entrepreneurial approaches via the sort of rigorous method that established firms execute so well.

Successful innovators seldom fall into either the analytical or entrepreneurial extremes. Procter & Gamble, for instance, has established a rigorous innovation method that it brings alive through focused interactions with brand management teams. The teams generate new perspectives on creating markets, and have the freedom to execute entrepreneurial experiments. The result of this balanced approach has been years of marketplace success.

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