"New Markets’ approach to innovation is both insightful and resourceful. They uncovered insights through quick and inexpensive research that led to unique and relevant concepts. Leveraging experience in entrepreneurship and disruption, they crafted business models that could be explored quickly and with relatively low investment, which is a departure from most consultancies."

Nate Hill,
Emerging Idea Marketing Leader, Nestlé

"Consulting firms rarely combine creativity and exactitude.  Even more rarely do their most senior people get deeply involved in the details of project work.  New Markets is the happy exception to those rules.  We have been delighted to have them as our partner in many important endeavors."

Wolfgang Renz,
Corporate VP, Business Model and Healthcare Innovation, Boehringer Ingelheim

"New Markets’ jobs-to-be-done research provided a fresh perspective on our business that has influenced thinking across the organization. The insights the team delivered gave us a unique and extremely valuable understanding of the reasons behind the different ways our customers shop."

Dan Dombey,
VP of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, PetSmart

"New Markets Advisors did a wonderful job synthesizing a broad array of original and secondary research into fresh, actionable business concepts for our organization.  I was impressed by...the clarity of their new business opportunity analysis process and their ability to bring disparate insights together in a meaningful way."

Teresa Marchek,
Business Development Director, Capella Education Company

"New Markets has strategic and entrepreneurial thinkers who understand the challenges that large, established companies have in executing innovation to drive growth. They bring great insight and clear thinking to their work with clients, along with very relevant work experience."

Deborah Arcoleo,
Director Adjacency Innovation, The Hershey Company

"When we wanted to learn the Jobs to be Done skills, we evaluated a handful of consultants. Our choice of New Markets has turned out to be excellent. Their expertise in the concepts and their practice along with their thoughtful mentoring has helped in applying this new skill in our day-to-day work. This has given us a new perspective and ability to spot opportunities."

Bhaskar Venkatasubramanian,
Innovation Program Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions

"New Markets Advisors did an excellent job of providing our team with a 'jobs-to-be-done' framework for generating customer-centric product requirements.  Their consultants have a knack for outlining the theories and then applying them in creative and engaging ways."

Vice President, Global Hip Product Management, Zimmer

"New Markets Advisors really understands healthcare transformation, and the team is both rigorous and imaginative in figuring out its business implications."

Nicole Wahl,
Manager of New Product Planning, Boston Scientific