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New Markets believes that in environments of rapid change, where experienced assessment of complex industries matters far more than data crunching, many clients are seeking something different from what most big consulting firms provide.  These clients need deep involvement from senior-level counsel, but they do not require legions of junior analysts to build financial models and create hundreds of slides.  Success in these endeavors comes from what experienced advisors can provide -- pattern recognition, unique insight, and skill at navigating internal environments.  Instead of the traditional short-burst consulting projects of large caseteams and a small allocation of partners, we focus on somewhat longer engagements of 2-3 person teams with much more partner time.  By stripping away big caseteams and their associated overheads, this model also makes New Markets projects highly cost-effective.

We find that the quest for new growth platforms is often not a matter of data collection and analysis.  If a market is truly ripe for growth, data on existing customers and historical trends can be both meaningless and misleading.  Instead, we believe in understanding potential customers and offerings in great detail, so that we can capture unarticulated needs, the extent of non-consumption, and the full range of growth options available.  We also have a highly strategic view on how industries evolve in the midst of major disruptions, and we use that perspective to help clients focus on where profits will lie in the future, not where they reside today.